Christmas and New Year’s Cards

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If you're half as old fashioned as I am and you swear by sending out Christmas and New Year's cards too, you'll like this one. They of course need to be home made and different every year. And as you'll see there is only a bit of imagination needed. For inspiration, there is us :-)

Most of the materials you probably already have at home just check your button bags. I used two sided paper. Gift wrapping thread. Wooden trees and moose’s, but you could just as well use tree branches and that way make the cards even more creative. I might have gone over the top by adding decorating beats for nails and using nail polish for them to stick firmly to the paper. Add also dried autumn leaves if you wish to make the cards even more colorful. I think this is the time of the year when over the top is just all right. Let your imagination dance on paper. Make the cards in different shapes. I also did ornament shaped cards to which I added a piece of thread that the person receiving it could hang it on their tree like an ornament. Don't forget to charm your nearest and dearest by writing a sweet, short note from your heart.




It's the jolliest time of the year; make it festive also with our LABELS, TAGS and even INVITATIONS to your wonderful parties. Feel free to write us, if you have an idea of your own.

Happy Holidays!

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