Homemade elderflower syrup recipe

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This year I've decided to make my own elderflower cordial since I love this refreshing drink and the recipe is super easy. No idea why I didn't do this before.

I went out in my neighborhood on a beautiful sunny afternoon and I really enjoyed my picking trip. There was an abundance of elderflowers everywhere, even the air was soaked with them, and so I had no difficulties finding them.


There are billions of different recipes online. This is how I made my elderflower cordial:

- I took 4 liters of water (which I previously boiled) in a big bowl

- When the water cooled (I didn't want the elderflowers to lose their vitamins), I soaked them in that water. I didn't count the flowers, I put as many as I could fit in the bowl. So, there were a lot. Usually, the recipes say you should put approximately 15 flowers/liter.

- I left the elderflowers to soak in the water for 24 hours. But be careful not to leave them soak longer than 24 hours as they tend to oxidize and leave a strange, bitter taste in the cordial.

- After that I put 4 kilos of white sugar and 4 citric acid bags. (1 kilo of sugar/liter). Then I stirred until the sugar melted.

- After that I strained the liquid through muslin and poured it into glass bottles that I carefully washed before.

That's it. Very easy.

The elderflower syrup came out delicious. With a sleek label on the bottle it makes a perfect gift.

You can try different things with elderflowers, like elderflower vodka, elderflower gin, elderflower vine and vinegar... but let's leave that for next year...



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Elderflower Label