Homemade Lavender Syrup

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Homemade Lavender Syrup

Summer has finally visited Slovenia in its full extent (but has already left, too. So thanks to the rain, today is made perfect for spending some more time online and not feeling too bad about it). In light of the recent heat, I am eager to share my favorite refreshment with you all. As my taste is quite picky (anyone who had the pleasure of spending a day with me knows it all too well probably) I also like delicate, a bit exotically flavored drinks. This one suits all my requirements to the T.

The only big perk I have is that lavender fields are almost literally on my backyard (20 min ride away). If you share the same luck with me, or if you're simply interested in what you can make out of lavender, bear with me.

You will need:

- Three handfuls of lavender flowers

- Half a kilo (a little over one pound) of brown sugar

- One liter of water (quarter of a gallon)

Melt the sugar in water and add lavender flowers. Let it sit overnight. Take the flowers out of the water and squeeze the juice out of them. This is your basis – lavender syrup, which you then mix with water and if you add lemon juice something magical happens. The drink will turn orange-pinky. And it's okay to be amazed by its color. I know I was.

Add ice and serve with pride. To make an even bigger impression on your guests, add a personalized label.

We used this one:



Earlier this year we have also made lavender soap. The recipe may be found here.

And lavender sugar scrub, find how to make it here.

Stay tuned, there certainly will be more lavender recipes coming your way, as I love a fabulous smell of it all over my house, all year round.