Label your homemade products

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Label your homemade products

With too much time on my hands lately, and all sorts of wine, peach and elderflower trees literally on my doorstep, I have decided to ensemble a collection of perfect gifts for all sorts of occasions. Personalized labels have proven to be a booming success, as first impression does matter, admittedly the content is just as important.

Being in the beginning stages of my independent adulthood, where I not only cook for myself, but am also able to put together a dessert for possible Sunday guests at our country residence, I try to win them over with a pie with marmalade topping. Or mandarins if you prefer a more sour taste (I promise to share a more elaborate recipe with you in my upcoming posts). And then take our guests for a hike to see the exact trees where the fruit grew on. And possibly burn the extra calories we just indulged.

All sorts of summer parties also call for all sorts of menus. And why not brighten up your neighbor’s wine with some colorful labels? (For a bit more perspective ... We do live out in the country, for our measures »in the middle of nowhere, « but truly only a good 20 min ride away from the city.)

As I already admitted, the wine is produced by our neighbors. If and when they set up a webpage, I'll be more than happy to share it here also.

Elderflower syrup is of my own produce. For the recipe, click here (But elderflower unfortunately went out of season a couple of months ago. At least in Slovenia. Sorry, gotta wait till next year.)

Marmalade recipe is simple and easy, and though I am a religious lover of Nutella (Who's not?), this is a fresher and healthier choice to ennoble the toasted bread or crepes in the morning.

Honey is also our neighbor’s produce. This one is acacia but they also have lime, and different types of flower and forest honeys and they all taste delicious with tea, on toasted bread, or even with peanut butter (depends on your liking). And it never hurts to make a little commercial for your neighbors, right?

So I understand you might not be from the region, but it’s well worth to come visit and taste them all for yourselves. But first make sure to stick some labels on your produce as well :-)